NDS, the flexible and tailored service designed to support your routine final mile logistics need.
NDLI Services Team

Dedicated Final Mile Services

Clients that require delivery resources dedicated to their business utilize NDLI Dedicated Services (NDS). Dedicated services can range in scope from a single resource making one delivery a day to multiple resources providing 24 hour coverage within a regional market.

Ultimate Flexibility in Service
NDLI Dedicated Services are designed to be flexible in their application and are built to deliver to the client's exact specifications. Custom service levels are defined and specific service requirements are developed around the customer's needs, all of which are critical factors in exceeding expectations.

Dedicated resources are applied in a way that best fits the client's operating model. This customization can lead to the creation of hybrid approaches utilizing scheduled routes, float routes, and daily rate routes to optimize customer service and manage costs. NDLI tracks the services rendered and can modify the solution on-the-fly as business requirements change.

The Benefit
NDLI's Dedicated Service takes into account, complex issues such as, regulatory compliance, specific chain of custody procedures, and service timeframes. This approach, supported by technology and our knowledgeable people, creates a hassle free and dependable solution.

Clients benefit from a solution that has every appearance of being in-house while eliminating headaches associated with the logistics aspects of the business. Ultimately, the end customer experiences a fully-integrated solution with superior quality and service levels.