Services the Way You Need Them.

NDLI is a full service logistics provider with extensive experience in delivering critical shipping services. Our approach focuses on the key Suite of Services our clients need, optimizing them, and deploying them as part of the solution.

Besides continuous optimization of existing services through process improvement and technology, our service lines continue to expand as we grow. Our Suite of Services specializes in, but is not limited to; Dedicated, Network, Express, and Specialty shipping and transportation services. Each service is extensively customizable to meet our clients exact needs.

What is Extensive Customization?
Express Services, for example, are time critical final mile deliveries that lend themselves well to customization. Frequently called hot-shots, on-demand, or stats, the premise of an Express Service Request is the same; accept and complete a time critical delivery to an end-customer while meeting or exceeding agreed to client service level requirements. Regardless of how many requirements and specifics, NDLI executes each Express Service request on-time, the first time, every time.

Each Integrated Logistics Solution will be comprised of one or more of the above services. Designed to complement each other, these services are the building blocks of each solution.

We welcome you to explore NDLI’s Suite of Services.