Manufacturer Parts Distribution

Locally, regionally, and nationally, manufacturers are choosing NDLI to partner with for their logistics needs. Drawing on deep implementation experience within the industry segment, NDLI brings a proven methodology and approach to integrating with partners at the correct levels to deliver a seamless solution.

More and more clients are choosing to mitigate and reduce the liability of owning and operating their own fleet of vehicles.  Our Automotive Solutions Group develops models that manage logistics in a fashion that is efficient and seamless, all without sacrificing service levels.  This allows you to focus on your core business while we handle the logistics.

The “Human Factor” is central to our complete solution for our automotive clients. Integrated deeply into day-to-day operations, our people serve as the single point of contact in managing the solution. Our client's internal partners, including their distribution centers, retail outlets, finance, risk management, and operations work hand-in-hand with, and depend on, our team to keep the supply chain running smoothly.