Complete solutions that allow healthcare workers to keep patient service and safety as their top priority.
Healthcare Solutions Group

Healthcare Solutions Group

NDLI’s passion for people is evident in placing patients first. As a complete solutions partner in the healthcare market, we understand that increasing pressure to optimize service and manage costs must be achieved while keeping patient service and safety in the forefront and that at the end of every medication, tissue sample, blood work, and medical device delivery are healthcare professionals delivering critical services to patients.

Our Healthcare Solutions Group has guided clients in many healthcare segments toward achieving improved patient service while effectively managing costs.

Healthcare Compliance
More so than many other industries, healthcare solutions demand strict adherence to federal, state, and client specific guidelines. NDLI’s Healthcare Solutions Group supported by NDLI's robust risk management and compliance group assures that these requirements are satisfied. Healthcare logistics solutions include the following basic requirements to be administrated for all clients:

  • Drug Testing
  • Blood Borne Pathogen (Certification Compliant with OSHA Standard 29 CFR)
  • HIPPA (Certification Compliant with All Local and Federal Law)
  • Background Checks
  • Safety Attire
  • Special Equipment
We welcome you to read more about each specific solution and the specific segments NDLI has developed leading edge, people focused, and technology driven solutions for in the Healthcare Industry.