Hospital and Hospital Systems

NDLI’s Hospital Solution is capable of supporting the most demanding requirements and service levels in the industry. Hospitals and Healthcare Systems are dynamic and changing through innovation daily. A solution needs to be flexible, scalable, and transparent so the entire supply chain keeps on-track.

A Complete Hospital Supply Chain Solution.
The extended supply chain of most major hospitals includes not only internal customers but external, retail clients, as well. The Hospital Solutions Group takes a materials management approach to the overall service. Common goods/materials that need to be transported include:

  • Laboratory Specimens
  • Blood Samples
  • Medical Records
  • Surgical Instruments
  • Radiology/Imaging Films, CD’s
  • Legal Documents
  • Mail
  • Laundry
All these goods have their own unique requirements and all are part of the overall hospital supply chain.

Specimen and Material Integrity
Specimen and material integrity is managed and monitored throughout transit ensuring a complete chain of custody. In-transit occurrences can add risk to quality healthcare service delivery. Our team develops solutions that approach these risks with a sense of urgency and care for all patients.

By integrating our talented logistics experts directly into the hospital supply chain and working side by side with client staff NDLI is capable of handling all the delivery needs for the hospital system. The solution, based on the Integrated Logistics Solution Platform, combines leading edge technology, the brightest people, and our comprehensive suite of services for the highest quality customer experience.

The Hospital Solution is complete and innovative which allows our clients to focus on what is most important to them and us, patient safety and care.