Pharmacy and Wholesale Drug Distribution

Customer and patient relationships are critical in the pharmacy and wholesale drug distribution segment. NDLI integrates seamlessly into our pharmacy clients supply chain and becomes a logical extension from the pharmacy to the customer. Getting medications delivered on-time, the first time, every time is a key strength of NDLI’s Pharmacy Solution.

In today’s competitive pharmacy environment, facilities and chain accounts can be demanding. Aggressive service levels, 24 hour coverage capabilities, and dependable routine deliveries are just a few of the supply chain elements we manage for our clients.

Regulatory requirements place additional stress on pharmacy dispensing and consulting services. Chain of custody procedures, transporting of temperature controlled goods using the appropriate equipment, and retaining proper proof of delivery, either electronically or manually, are a must.

The Pharmacy Solution handles and coordinates all logistics and regulatory needs for our clients so they can focus on their core business, delivering superior patient care through their pharmacy dispensing and consulting services.