Industry Specialized Groups

NDLI partners with and manages logistics solutions for clients across many industries. These clients partner with NDLI to leverage our highly talented Solutions Group's strength in honing in on the finest detail of each industry specialization.

Our Solutions Groups know your industry but don’t assume they know your business. We get to know how you operate before we recommend a solution. We don’t think that is a novel approach, we think it is the only approach.

Many Industries. One Uniform Platform.
The Solutions Groups work hand-in-hand with operations to design each client solution. Our team members are seasoned consultants with global supply chain experience and the capabilities to apply their knowledge skillfully for each client. To align our clients' and their customer's service experience, NDLI has a single operating structure that manages all solutions, regardless of the industry. This approach eliminates a fragmented customer experience created by rifts within company and divisional structures.