Business Solutions that Drive Growth

Global and national companies with broad distributed organizations trust NDLI Logistics to integrate into their supply chain and provide a seamless logistics solution. Our experience in designing, implementing, and actively managing large, complex, local and distributed logistics solutions makes us an ideal partner for larger companies.

NDLI, utilizing the
Integrated Logistics Solution Platform (ILS), fully integrates into the client's business. The deep partnership relationship with its foundation based on our professional resources creates seamless supply chain solutions with dependable and cost effective final mile delivery services.

Business Solution clients choose to partner with NDLI because of our dedication to customer service built upon three fundamental cornerstones; people, technology and complete solutions.
Business Solutions vary in scope and scale. For example, consider the following solutions managed by NDLI;

  • A National Long-Term Care Pharmacy provider with 20 regional locations serving 50,000+ patients daily.
  • One of the largest hospital systems in the United States with 11 local hospitals, 19 clinics, and 200+ outpatient and retail customer locations.
  • A leading international office supply chain with thousands of daily desktop deliveries.
The above partners enjoy deep integration with NDLI where we work side by side at multiple levels managing and evolving their solution to create higher quality customer service.
Our solutions approach works and delivers a reliable platform that our clients depend on thousands of times a day. Supported by our people, deep technology portfolio, and our complete solution approach NDLI is capable of tackling the needs of some of the largest corporations.

Business Solution Focus:
NDLI develops, deploys, and actively manages Integrated Logistics Solutions in an array of industry verticals. Listed below are just several of the specialized solutions that have been deployed.

  • ILS for Hospital
  • ILS for Long-term care Pharmacy
  • ILS for Wholesale Pharmacy
  • ILS for Automotive
  • ILS for Retail
  • ILS for Vendor Direct

Learn more about the specific industry solution approach in our
Industry focus area.