The Human Factor of Logistics

Our clients and their customers are central to our success and it shows in all we do.

At NDLI we believe in delivering "great service by people for people".  Our commitment to this philosophy is evident in the deployment of the right mix of national and local employee resources required to support each solution.  From dedicated account managers working onsite with our clients to local market account managers who serve as the single point of contact, the partnership between our people and your people is what makes the solution work.

One Client. Multiple Internal Partners.
We recognize that the supply chain doesn't stop at the dock, it impacts multiple internal stakeholders including finance, information technology, account management and sales, to name a few.  Working directly with the right people creates the best possible solution. When integrated into a client's supply chain, NDLI  becomes a part of that company's organization, culture and team.  

Experience That Matters
The account managers integrated into our client's solutions are experienced and knowledgeable logistics professionals. Furthermore, trained with a competency in operations management/process improvement, financial analysis/modeling, and client/customer service management, we align the appropriate resources with the client solution to assure we have the optimal team.

Operations Management & Process Improvement
As your partner, our role is to manage your logistics solution. This solution includes not only the-day-to day operational elements required to get your products and goods from point A to B, but also incorporates taking a step back and recommending process changes where appropriate. As part of the supply chain, our account managers make sure the job get’s done to your requirements.

Financial Analysis & Modeling
Understanding the impact on everyone involved in the supply chain is the basis for making objective decisions. Our account managers are skilled at analyzing all the moving parts of the solution and determining what the true cost is to everyone involved. This approach results in our clients making decisions that are based on facts that, in turn, can be traced back to the overall cost of ownership of the solution.

Client & Customer Service Management
Frequently the NDLI account managers are the face to our clients customers and are the direct point of contact for our solutions in all instances. Great service by people for people is a result of selecting the right resources that can balance working in a fast paced environment with the capability to communicate effectively. Our account management approach integrates the correct resource into your solution.

With our passion for people, technology and complete solutions, our clients know they can communicate their priorities, guide us through their organization and truly partner in their solutions development.