Financial Visibility of Logistics

Complete solutions require the capability to deliver robust financial reporting and billing processes. NDLI seamlessly integrates into our clients back office supporting the financial reporting and communication services required to run their businesses.

Complex transfer pricing, elimination of multiple vendor invoices, overall streamlining of logistics accounting are all items the Integrated Logistics Solution Platform support.

Settlement Options
Every industry and client business segment operates slightly differently. Financial settlement procedures may be linked to government reimbursement schedules or could be dependent upon other agents or customers. With solid financial footing NDLI approaches each solution from the ground up, working with our client partners to build the best possible system for both sides.

Uniform Invoicing
We understand that businesses are not only challenged with containing logistics expenses but also with the need to understand charges for services rendered. Logistics billing can be cryptic, incomplete, and riddled with add-on charges and out-of-period invoicing. To support these needs we have found it to be easiest to provide one single and legible billing file to clients.

Furthermore, our invoices are flexible and customizable in many instances. Details can be added or removed as well as sorted or logically organized to meet clients needs. All this creates unsurpassed uniformity in how invoicing files are delivered and processed allowing our clients to understand what drives their logistics costs.

Cost and Financial Reporting
Understanding our clients spend and the total cost of a solution requires the ability to drill-down to the transaction level. The flexibility in our pricing and invoicing allows NDLI to track costs and model out future impact of delivery changes. Our clients find this helpful when determining the impact of adding new business or growing in specific markets.

With available reporting modules and tools developed through years of guiding clients to the right solution we can effectively determine the impact of minor or large changes to the overall solution. We don’t like surprises and our clients cannot afford them. Maintaining visibility into how our clients truly operate allows us to keep the financial component running smoothly.