Logistics Synergy

NDLI “actively manages” all services utilizing the Integrated Logistics Solution (ILS) Platform. The ILS Platform integrates our core competencies; Account Management, Technology, Financial, and Risk/Compliance into each client solution at the correct level. These integration points deliver the Suite of Services utilized by each solution.

NDLI, as a partner, monitors and measures performance as well as recommends changes as your business needs evolve. We call this “actively managing” our client's solution at each of the key integration points. Can your operations coordinate shipments by combining on-line order entry with track and trace? Would your Chief Financial Officer benefit from receiving accurate logistics expense data broken down the way you run your business? These are just some of the integration points that are actively managed to continuously evolve your supply chain.

Every solution, regardless of size, requires all four core competencies to function in tandem flawlessly to produce the best client and customer experience. The ILS approach creates superior value because it is built on the premise that our client's business is constantly evolving. Standing still in today’s competitive landscape can cripple a company's supply chain and render it obsolete.