Navigating Logistics Risk & Compliance

With in-depth legal, risk management, and compliance experience in the logistics and transportation industry, NDLI is able to assure that each solution conforms to our client's requirements, as well as overall risk profile. Our solutions groups work together during the planning and implementation phase to capture requirements and assure they are satisfied.

Risk and compliance integration are evaluated and matched to meet your business profile. NDLI has helped many client partners overcome complex industry and regulatory compliance hurdles. Furthermore, as requirements change, or business environments transform, our risk and compliance management group will help you navigate this complex area to make sure your solution stays on track.

Legal & Compliance Team
To keep a strong partnership profile, NDLI maintains, along with outside resources, an internal legal and compliance team. Our business solution clients find value in having knowledgeable industry experts to deal with on complex issues. Our ShipNDLI Solution clients find comfort in the fact that we are managing their logistics solution in a manner that complies to the appropriate guidelines for their goods and industry.

The legal and compliance component of the solution helps navigate customers to an appropriate logistics solution.

Industry Leading Insurance
NDLI already maintains industry leading insurance coverage for the types of services rendered to mitigate exposure risk. In addition we are capable of aligning insurance needs with specific client's solutions.

Continuous Compliance
Our continuous compliance program focuses on making sure our promise of a complete solution and your requirements are being met every day. Compliance is not an afterthought for our people, it is at the forefront of what we do. In addition to ongoing compliance services, we also perform audits on our solutions to identify and proactively mitigate risks.

Compliance in the logistics and transportation industry can be complex. Besides state and federal laws and guidelines, industry specific requirements add to the overall scope of what needs to be monitored. Our solutions are supported by strong processes around risk management and compliance that have been developed over many successful years of delivering superior service.