Evolving Logistics through Innovative Technology

Innovative by nature, NDLI’s Technology Portfolio affords our clients access to an array of tools that create the system infrastructure supporting each solution. This allows our clients to evolve their logistics solution and supply chain to the next level. On-line order entry, client and customer portals, data interchange systems, and performance benchmarking and reporting tools can be integrated into all solutions.

Our dedicated in-house information technology team expertly ties all the necessary pieces together to create one comprehensive and seamless technology approach. It is the investment in tools, capabilities, and the “human factor” that allows NDLI to deliver innovative solutions regardless of the complexity.

Nobles Enterprise Management System
A pioneer in utilizing web-based services to manage our operational infrastructure, NDLI’s Enterprise Management System named "iNLS" creates a continuous link between the client and operators. The comprehensive nature of this system is the framework that supports all services rendered to our clients. iNLS is the backbone that allows NDLI to ensure that all goods arrive on-time, the first time, every time.

Development and Integration Team
Forward looking, we have invested heavily in our in-house information technology development and integration team. Our IT Team is well versed in dealing with large scale enterprise system integrations down to developing the training manuals your organization will use to get your people running on our systems quickly.

Scanning Technology
NDLI implemented its first enterprise level scanning solution in the late 1990’s and has continuously evolved and expanded the feature set.

Today we have multiple “out-of-the-box” scanning implementations based on best practices of existing clients. Moreover, besides a proprietary and highly customizable legacy scanning solution, we have partnered with one of the leading logistics scanning solutions providers to bring smartphone capabilities and richer web-based features to our clients.
Key Scanning Features
  • Track & Trace
  • Signature Capture
  • GPS Capabilities
  • RFID Capabilities
  • Route Performance Tracking

Cloud Based Tools
Building on our web-based iNLS Platform, NDLI has embraced Cloud-Computing. For our clients, this means easier and faster integration and less costly infrastructure and hardware.

Clients utilizing our new scanning solution are quickly finding that the seamless nature of the approach creates superior performance and operational excellence.

Toolbox of Innovative Technology
Beyond the technology portfolio already described, NDLI also owns a Toolbox of other innovative technology that can be leveraged. Computer aided dispatching, interfaces for client and customer order entry and management, client and customer portals, and real-time communications with operator and driver resources all add a layer of visibility to our clients complete solution.